GIRL FIEND is a publication that focuses entirely on self-identifying women in music, and as such, will refer to self-identifying female-fronted bands as “female-fronted”, because that is what they are. GIRL FIEND will refer to “girl bands” as “girl band”, because it is better to acknowledge what you are fighting for, and to fight alongside it. A “girl band” is not a genre, and it should never be one; a “girl band” is a revolution.

This magazine is a response to the still prevalent sexism spread wide and deep in today’s music industry. It comes in various forms: through the 87% male-dominated Reading & Leeds lineups with their one token woman, through the men shouting at female musicians to take their tops off, to young girls in gig moshes being groped freely under her skirt, to male music fans sneering at female sound engineers thinking that they can’t do their job, to female music critics being ogled and propositioned inappropriately by their interview subjects. “Guitar music” is not dead; it is female.

Wew are a team of three full-time editors and writers based in London, and issue #1 was a complete and utter labour of love. We believe in the printed word. We believe in the long read, in the extensive photo spreads, and we believe in matte paper. We’d love to continue this small and tight-knit community we’ve built in London’s DIY music scene and continue GF for as long as we can. As we are a non-profit organisation, we cannot pay freelance commissions, but we welcome contributors from any and all self-identifying females.

You can contact the editorial team on girlfiendmag@gmail.com.

Editor-in-Chief: Cady Siregar (cadysiregar@gmail.com)
Chief Sub-editor: Kirtey Verma (kirteyverma@gmail.com)
Designer: Eve Watling (evewatling@gmail.com)

The revolution starts now.