Charlotte in Focus

Words: Kirtey Verma

CHARLOTTE PATMORE IS about to spill the secrets of her success as a music photographer. In the tucked-away terrace garden of a quirky North London café, Charlotte tells all about the realities of the job in today’s independent music scene. Having toured with Charli XCX, Black Honey and Kate Nash as well as photographing Dream Wife and The Big Moon, Charlotte has built herself a steady cult fan following – through her Instagram, being the unofficial extra member of any band she photographs, and her own merchandise. Music fans wear Charlotte’s “Vote for Patmore” badges and t-shirts like badges of honour – if you’ve got a Patmore tee on, then you’re automatically a member of the elite indie cool. Shot on her preferred medium of film, Charlotte’s portfolio is visually unconventional; her photographs are an intimate insight into the behind-the-scenes, off-stage lives of almost each and every notable indie band that’s worth mentioning today.

Read more on Issue 1 of GIRL FIEND, which you can purchase here.


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